Your personal chef comes to your home for a free consultation & assessment meeting to define your culinary preferences, personal tastes, and any dietary or nutritional concerns.

Your chef then offers you a wide variety of delicious and intriguing menu choices based on your personal preferences.

Next you select a service plan which will provide you with the best solution to your family’s dining needs.

Schedule an available COOK DATE when SUPPERMAN (Chef Robert Seibert) will prepare all your meals in YOUR kitchen.

On the morning of the scheduled cook date, SUPPERMAN does your personal grocery shopping & arrives at your home with all the pots, pans & utensils, and the fresh ingredients needed to prepare your family’s meals in your kitchen.

All meals are then carefully prepared, beautifully packaged, and labeled with concise and EASY heating instructions.

All entrees & side-dishes are then neatly stacked in your refrigerator ready for you to enjoy... or freeze and look forward to.

When the cook date is complete you’ll find a clean kitchen, a fridge filled with delicious supper choices, and the lingering aroma of home cooking.

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