Rigatoni Napoletano

A SUPPERMAN signature dish… fresh Italian sausage, fresh marinara, basil, onions, garlic, zucchini, parmesan, and capers. A little heat… a lot of love!


Lasagna Bolognese

homemade fresh lasagna noodles, thick & meaty Bolognese sauce, rich béchamel sauce, w/ mozzarella & parmesan... an amazing signature dish


Fettucini Primavera

an array of fresh crisp vegetables in garlic, olive oil, herbs, and fresh Parmesan cheese getting cozy w/ fettucini


Penne alla Romano

penne served w/ a spicy, creamy, and cheesy Romano sauce & toasted pignoli nuts. Also great w/ shrimp added.


Pecan & Pumpkin Ravioli w/ Herb Butter Sauce

sweet & savory toasted pecan & pumpkin filled homemade ravioli served w/ a fresh herb, garlic, and butter sauce


Three-Cheese & Baby Spinach Ravioli

Asiago, Parmesan, & Ricotta cheese join forces w/ chopped baby spinach in a delicious homemade ravioli & marinara


Cheese Ravioli w/ Walnut-Herb Sauce

classic homemade cheese ravioli tossed in nutty & robust walnut-herb sauce


Capellini al Pomodoro e Basilico

angel hair pasta w/ fresh tomato, shallots, basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and olive oil


Tagliatelle w/ Saffron Cream & Shrimp

fresh homemade tagliatelle pasta in a saffron infused cream sauce made w/ mascarpone, wine & basil w/ shrimp.


Zucchini & Pear Three-Cheese Lasagna

unique combination of thinly sliced pear & zucchini, layered w/ aged gouda, mozzarella, Parmesan, and béchamel 


Vegetable Lasagna alla Florentine

rich spinach lasagna w/ carrot, onion, & eggplant layered w/ mozzarella & béchamel sauce


Penne alla Carbonara

smoked bacon, shallots, garlic, butter, and fresh Parmesan cheese in a rich cream sauce with penne 


Penne Vodka w/ Peas & Pancetta

classic penne in vodka sauce w/ red onion, green peas, and crisped pancetta


Thick Spaghetti w/ Giant Meatballs

straight up thick spaghetti joined by HUGE & juicy Italian meatballs in a fresh marinara sauce… classic comfort food


Rigatoni w/ Sausage & Peppers

Italian sausage & peppers, fresh basil & oregano, garlic & onion, fresh tomato & Parmesan. simple & delicious.